St Brigid’s 3.10 Drumconrath 1.08

Well done- great start to the League 

Wet and windy conditions threatened to put a dampener on the opening game of the league for St Brigids, however they managed a win over home side Drumconrath with a final score of St Brigids 3:10 Drumconrath 1:08.

The home side held onto the leading score for the majority of the first half with St Brigids first score coming after 18 minutes. However scores from Michael Flood, Joseph Blake, Anthony Moore and Conor Farrelly narrowed the gap at half time to bring the Brigids to within a point of the home side with a score of 1:04 to 1:05.

The second half seen the Brigids with a new lease of life. With Drumconrath a man down after a red card offence early into the second half, St Brigids dominated their forward half and delivered score after score including two more goals from Kevin Gilsenan and Joseph Blake. Great teamwork was a significant factor in the win for the north Meath side.

Final score: St Brigids 3:10 Drumconrath 1:08

St Brigids: D Moore, F Heery, A Geraghty, P Tuite, P Plunkett (0.2), A Skelly, A Moore (0.1), P Skelly, M Flood (0.1), S Gilsenan, D Scully (0.1), O Smyth, J Blake (1.3), K Gilsenan (1.1), L Tuite. Subs: C Farrelly (1.1) for P Skelly, J Maguire for O Smyth. A Moore , S Moore , C Smyth.

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